Help our Home Team

Help us fuel the extraordinary efforts of the front-line health care workers at NMHS by providing meals during their shifts. Their compassion and commitment has not wavered, and this is one way we can support them and brighten their days.

COVID Bereavement Baskets

Please help our staff on the COVID-19 Units at North Mississippi Health Services hospitals bring comfort to families who are experiencing grief.

By donating to the HCF Community Fund, you can help staff members purchase items to fill COVID-19 Unit Care Baskets for bereaved families. Baskets will include items such as journals, snacks, photo frames, candles, coffee mugs, devotional books, notepads and words of encouragement.

You can sponsor a COVID-19 Unit Care Baskets for $50, but donations in any amount are appreciated.

Donate online at the link below or
call us at (662) 377-3613.

Donate to the Community Fund to Support Patients & Staff Affected by COVID-19

Help us Provide HOPE

When our community faces personal tragedies such as COVID-19 or any sickness, your gift to the Community Fund makes HELP available. The Community Fund was established to aid NMHS Employees and Patients who are facing unexpected and immediate crisis. 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will help provide HOPE to those in need.

Some of life’s most difficult moments are faced within the hospital walls. Help us provide HOPE to those on the front lines and those suffering from the health and economic effects of COVID-19.

$25Travel to and from treatment
$50Discharge medication
$100Groceries for NMHS team member or patient in need
$150Hotel accommodations for a displaced family member
$250Utility bills for a family facing unexpected crisis
$500 Housing expenses
$1000Feed the COVID-19 Floor Day and Night Shift
$2500Provide meals to an NMHS Community Hospital or Clinic(s)

All donors will be included on the COVID Donor Recognition Center unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous.


“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”
The promise of hope for North Mississippi Health Services patients and families comes not only from excellent care provided by our caring physicians and staff, but also from generous donations given by our friends, supporters and grateful patient families.

Charitable gifts to Health Care Foundation help the North Mississippi Health Services system offer hope and the promise of health to people throughout this region. Donations help make medical treatment more available; provide important health education opportunities; assist needy patients and families; and improve children’s health through programs such as HealthWorks!


“There is no finer gift than one that offers health and hope to others.”
Charitable contributions – regardless of the amount – support the NMHS tradition of health care excellence by providing additional health and wellness needs to patients, families and communities throughout the region. Your gift will provide the hope of health by:

  • Assisting needy patients with the costs of medications; transportation for treatment; medical equipment for the homebound; and nutritional and personal needs to support their health improvement.
  • Providing important community health and wellness programs, especially those that improve children’s health.
  • Improving clinical treatment facilities and ensuring lifesaving equipment is available for critically ill patients.
  • Providing medical education and advanced training scholarships for students and nursing staff.

Your contributions are important because:

  • NMHS hospitals and clinics continue to provide millions of dollars of free medical treatment to patients and families who are unable to be insured.
  • The population of our state and region is recognized as one of the nation’s least healthy and in greatest need of health care and health education services.
  • Now, more than ever, our hospitals and medical providers are relying on charitable support to meet the needs of a changing health care environment.
  • Your donation is a gift of hope and health for you, your loved ones and your community.

All donations to Health Care Foundation are tax deductible and may be designated by donors for a specific purpose or program. Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted, and 100% of all gifts benefit their intended purpose.

Planned charitable gifts with stock, bonds, life insurance, real estate, personal property or through wills, trusts and annuities are also excellent ways to donate and create a thoughtful charitable legacy for you and your family.

Your donation to HCF will be thoughtfully acknowledged. You can be assured your generosity will support high quality health care and health improvement throughout this region.

Did you know the CARES Act creates a $300 “non-itemizer” deduction for 2020. This deduction:

  • For all donations made for all of 2020 to any charity recognized by the IRS
  • For people who do not itemize their taxes
  • Only for cash donations (not in-kind)
  • This can be used by the charity for any purpose (not limited to COVID-19 relief efforts)

If a donor itemizes his or her taxes, you are eligible for your existing deductions.  The newly passed Act raises the contribution level 60% of your AGI to 100%

If a donor takes the standard deduction, $300 is allowed in addition to the IRS limits.