The HOPE Fund is a physician-driven, annual giving program designed to engage NMMC physicians in supporting important health needs and to direct charitable assistance to health causes and programs that are especially significant to us as NMMC medical staff members.

Physicians’ tax deductible donations to Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi (HCF) for the HOPE fund are distributed annually with one-half of all donations awarded for NMMC patient care needs as directed by a panel of fellow physician donors. The remaining portion will support additional health improvement programs of greatest need.



Health Care Foundation will recognize all HOPE Fund physician donors of $1,000 or more at hospital recognition centers, events and on the HCF website. Physicians whose cumulative gifts to the Foundation exceed $25,000 are also recognized at those areas as members of the Dr. P.K. Thomas Jr. Society.

In addition to recognition opportunities:
• Donations are tax-deductible for income tax purposes
• Physician advisory group helps direct gifts to important patient care needs.
• Physician donors will receive exclusive invitations to HCF programs and events.

Please consider joining us and many other NMMC physician colleagues and make your pledge today!


NMMC Physicians’ Hope Fund
Board Members

Dr. Mont Berry
Dr. West Cordell
Dr. Brad Crosswhite
Dr. Eric Lewis
Dr. Vish Sachdev


Thank you
to all of our 2021 HOPE Physicians

Jeremy Blanchard, M.D.Victoria Hundley, M.D.Vishal Sachdev, M.D.
Cameron Bonds, M.D.Andrew Kellum, M.D.Ryan Simmons, M.D.
Marcus L. Britton, M.D.Keith M. Krist, M.D.Stephen Southworth, M.D.
Will Cauthen, M.D.Eric V. Lewis, M.D.Jason D. Stacy, M.D.
Lakeisha R. Chism, M.D.Boyang Liu, M.D.Joey Stinson, M.D.
R. Kevin Cole, M.D.Lucas McElwain, M.D.James Stone, M.D.
Clayton W. Cordell, M.D.Charles Montgomery, M.D.David Talton, M.D.
Ronald B. Crosswhite, M.D.
Dan H. Nguyen, M.D.Pami Taylor, M.D.
Robert Derveloy, M.D.Mary Pace, M.D.
Kristen Turner, MD
Maria Ordonez Cruz, D.O.Samuel Pace, M.D.Christy B. Vowell, D.O.
Jay Dey, M.D.Billy D. Parsons, M.D.Joseph Weigold, D.O.
John H. Douglas, M.D.John Phillips, M.D.C.K. White, M.D.
Bryan Fagan, M.D.Terry Pinson, M.D.
Donna Harrington, M.D.David Pizzimenti, D.O.
Physicians of
Jeffrey Howard, M.D.Vernon Rayford, M.D.Cardiology Associates
Jewell Huffman, M.D.John V. Roberts, M.D.of North Mississippi